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Yamato company’s K2 SUCTION PIPE (knife set) has always been self-made,Yamato company’s K2 SUCTION PIPE is famous with a large dosage and also have very good quality. The quality of substitute products of K2 SUCTION PIPE (knife set) in the market can not be compared with original one at all.Our K2 UCTION PIPE set uses exactly the same parts and assembly accuracy as Yamato company’s K2 UCTION PIPE.The main body is all copper material, after welding electroplating, to ensure the appearance of beautiful, the inner wall of the main body of K2 SUCTION PIPE is polished, to ensure that the main body of K2 SUCTION PIPE will not scratch the cloth, resulting in blockage of the inner cavity.The coordination of fixed knife and moving knife is very important,we realized this point and process according to the accuracy of drawings to ensure the cutting effect of fabric of fixed knife and moving knife.Our moving knife and fixed knife are all use YAMATO company original accessories, even if K2 SUCTION PIPE have to keep moving with the machine every day, moving knife and fixed knife time of use can reach more than one year, or even longer.At the same time, we added cotton with oil lubrication on the moving tool rest to reduce the wear and tear of the tool rest.In order to use different machines, we can provide a variety of installation solutions and accessories, to ensure that customers can easily assemble themselves.We also have a good and inexpensive dust collector, but because of the bulk of the dust collector, customers can consider sourcing locally to reduce shipping costs of dust collector,Our K2 tool sets are mainly supplied to large device manufacturers in China. For end customers, the cost performance of dust collectors is very great.

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