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YAMATO sewing machine original oil filter, part number is 6100296,suitable for juki pegasus Siruba Brother and other well-known brand sewing machine, can be common used on many kinds of machines, suitable sewing machine model has three needle five lines sewing machine, flat seaming machine 1500, YAMATO CC2700,YAMATO CF2300,YAMATO CZ6000,YAMATO CZ6500 YAMATO VC1700,YAMATO VT1500,YAMATOZ7000,YAMATO Z7500,almost every sewing machine’s oil filter is needed,about our oil filter sealing ring is to use the rubber sealing ring, and oil filter inside with the metal support frame, and steel net timbering.

Oil filter use coated yellow filter paper, Our oil filter use the density, high strength of filter paper, can filter out most of the impurities, make the machine run more smoothly ,in case not clean oil filter oil filter can lead to impurities adsorption on the sewing machine, shorten the service life of the sewing machine, to use the good oil filter can make the machine running for a long time, so the use of filter time period, we suggest that at least half a year in one time to change new.Only in this way can the operating quality of the sewing machine be guaranteed.

Our oil filters price are very cheap ,strict quality control, Very cost-effective ,and are often sold both domestically and abroad, with customers buying them for a long time. This kind of qualified original parts can make the machine adjustment faster, more adaptable to the sewing of special fabrics, and longer service life, which greatly reduces the customer’s use cost.Our company has complete inspection equipment and experienced inspectors to ensure that the parts entering and leaving our company are all A-grade original sewing parts.We only provide YAMATO Original sewing accessoreis.

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