Who is Chen Jiali?

Who is Chen Jiali?

Must be sewing machine parts a lot of people in the industry know him, he has sewing machines do 12 years of procurement work in ningbo YAMATO, the general manager of the Ningbo Original Company -- he is Northerners ,but look like Southerners.

In the summer of 2004, after graduating from Shenyang Jianzhu University, he came to Ningbo with his school luggage. The heat at that time was really an unforgettable first experience for a child in the north. He came for YAMATO to produce parts, inspect parts, assemble sewing machines and repair sewing machines in workshops. After working for a whole year, he was assigned to the materials department and became a purchasing person of YAMATO.  this is a daily main job is to urge suppliers, but can learn technology, quality, management and finance and other knowledge, and can understand many specific situations inside and outside the company. With his modest character and positive attitude, he always thinks of countermeasures and patiently communicates with the relevant parties until the problems are solved as soon as possible. At that time, he was an ant and only knew how to do things and study.


YAMATO sewing machine is a world-famous enterprise with 80 years of history. On the basis of mature management system in all aspects, in order to adapt to the needs of China,It provides a broad development space and satisfactory salary for the new generation of Chinese managers like Jiali. As long as it can solve problems for the company, many proposals of Jiali have been recognized and implemented by the company. In this way, he ushered in 2010. That year, he became a father. That year, when the company promoted him, he became the head of the material department, responsible for the daily management of the whole material department. He played a role as a joint point inside and outside the company. He was very happy and had more pressure. He was always looking for a balance point.


At home, he said goodbye to the game and became a dutiful father; at work, he wanted to lead the team to complete the company's goals. The promotion of his position brings about the promotion of his power, which is more conducive to his decision-making and implementation of solving problems. In the face of every problem, he will try his best to come up with "temporary countermeasures" and "permanent countermeasures", and try his best to solve both the symptoms and the root causes step by step. The most outstanding performance is that a lot of secondary development has been carried out in the ERP system. While improving the work efficiency of the material department, quantitative management has been realized for the performance of suppliers. In short, the quality of each supplier is no longer the traditional subjective judgment, but the supplier assessment system is implemented according to the data. Good suppliers are encouraged, and poor suppliers are eliminated. He was happy with the increase from the pass rate is from 80% to 98% and the on-time delivery rate from 60% to 95%.

All good things must come to an end. On August 1, 2016, Jiali Chen decided to quit his job and start his own business!For 12 years, he devoted his youth to Yamato, who also helped him grow from an ignorant youth into a mature man.In ningbo This beautiful city, became a family, put down roots, have their own circle of friends.He was grateful for the cultivation of Yamato, he thanked all the people who had helped him, he sighed with emotion that lost youth.A new journey is about to begin.

After leaving office, Jia Li led several old colleagues to establish Ningbo Original Accessories Co., Ltd., which produces all kinds of ball head connecting rod components, a project that hopes to make up for the quality difference between Chinese and foreign sewing machines.At the same time, we are engaged in the sewing and fittings trade mainly based on the original fittings of Japanese YAMATO sewing machines. Adhering to the tenet of "benefit is greater than profit" and "only original fittings", we serve the high-end sewing and fittings customers all over the world.They have experienced inspectors, professional inspection rooms, strict control of incoming and exit parts, and strive to abide by "quality is our life". Their goal is to establish a reputation of "high quality" in the industry after many years, so that the company can walk on the professional road of "original fittings".


For more than two years, they have integrated the Chinese large concrete number of high quality sewing accessories manufacturers resources, as well as Japan juki, jack, Siruba these top grade sewing machine company provides other accessories, at the same time to the global service market supply all kinds of original sewing machine accessories, established a huge network of suppliers and customers, Let the company become an original sewing with the production and marketing of the big platform.

In the future, they hope to make friends with more original parts manufacturers and customers, and provide services for the production and marketing of high-grade sewing machines in the industry. Meanwhile, they want to make the company become the "sewing station" in Ningbo area, and welcome friends from all over the world to their company to taste tea and talk about life.

The textile industry is a nomadic industry that is slowly leaving China, and trading companies are like "sheepdogs" that will be needed to link Chinese manufacturing to the future of the industry.
The old generation of Chinese sewing machine people are losing their fighting power, but the new generation of the industry like Jiali is less and less, they need their own efforts, but also need the support of the industry.
Let's wish Jiali and his team the best of luck, and wish Chinese sewing machines to lead the world at an early date.

Post time: Apr-26-2021