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YAMATO Looper ,Stich plate and feed dog,although looper ,Stich plate and feed dog the a lot of non-original parts of needle assembly parts on the sewing machine parts market, the quality of these parts is some are good and some are bad, these suppliers can’t control the quality,and the price difference is also great, but our company ensures that only original parts are operated.

The original parts are processed in accordance with the regular drawings, the process is relatively complex, the shape and tolerance dimensions are strict, such as the tip of the Looper, the looper’s oblique back, the looper’s thread hole and the looper’s hardness, the width and hardness of the feed dog’s tip, the flatness and positioning of the feed dog’s surface Benchmark, the flatness of the needle plate, the width of the feed dog groove, the shape of the tongue, The smoothness of the tongue,and the surface treatment of hard coated with chrome.These requirements lead to long production cycles, high scrap rates of needle assembly parts and high production costs.But this kind of qualified original parts can make the machine the speed of adjust the machine become faster, more adaptable to the sewing of special fabrics, and longer service life of the sewing machine, which greatly reduces the customer’s use and time cost.

Our experienced inspectors have worked in YAMATO company in Ningbo for 13 years,Our company has complete inspection equipment to ensure that the parts entering and leaving our company are all A-grade original parts.For high-end customers who need original parts, it must be the best to choose our company to supply sewing machine parts, and we will guarantee the quality of our sewing machine parts with integrity.

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