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YAMATO FD sewing machine knife holder guide collar com.set,The structure of FD ‘knife holder C.SET seems simple, but because it is in constant motion with the use of the sewing machine, the wear resistance of the knife holder need high requirements, and in order to ensure the stability of the trimming knife when cutting cloth, the assembly precision is also high requirements.Because the end customer of the Knife holder is moving knife cutting blade, In the course of continuous work, errors will accumulate, moving knife and fixed knife appropriate fit to cut the excess cloth, so, from the main body of the Knife holder, each fit size is very important, not only to ensure the smoothness of the movement, but also to strictly control the fit clearance between each part.In order to ensure the wear resistance of the press tool bar, we plated hard chrome on its surface, although increased the production cost, but greatly improved the overall wear resistance of the Knife holder.At the same time, we make an inner hole in the pressure tool rod of the knife holder, put the oil line and lubricating oil in to it, and make an inner and outer link hole in the contact part between the pressure tool rod and the Knife holder, to ensure that it can be lubricated when moving. This design can also increase the durability of the Knife holder.At present, the manufacturers on the market lack of understanding of the functional requirements of the Knife holder, and are not willing to increase the cost to mention the quality, so most of the products on the market are very low in price, poor in quality, and very bad to use.Our knife holder guide collar com.set is only supplied to the high-end sewing machine manufacturers in China.

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