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Our company produces all kinds of copper-aluminum ball head connecting rod components, which are made of exactly the same material as Japan’s Pegasus and Yamato, and use world-class production equipment and technology to ensure that the roughness of the inner, Yamawa original four needle six thread ball head connecting rod assembly, using wear-resistant material, spherical contact area is large, excellent smoothness,and outer balls is within Ra0.15μm. The roundness is within 0.003mm, and after all the dimensions of the inner and outer balls are measured, one-to-one matching is performe under the premise of ensuring a reasonable gap.

We are very particular about the hardness of every oil hole, every moment of the screw and every part, to ensure that our products have a service life of more than 3 years, and have been verified in actual use.It is comparable to similar products in Japan and Taiwan.At the same time, we are constantly developing more ball-end connecting rods, aiming at thick material machines and thin material machines, Oil sewing machines and oil-free sewing machines, to improve materials and processes to meet more customer needs. After years of hard work, we have supplied accessoreis to many high-end sewing machine companies in China, and carved our own logo on each connecting rod to provide customers with a higher degree of recognition and assume more responsibilities.

YAMATO Feed lift eccentric com.set include the following types:
3020056(3020056+68069/110004),Feed drive eccentric com.set,machine type:YAMATO FD-62G FD-62DRY FD-65

3020058 ,Feed drive eccentric com.set ,machine type:YAMATO FD-62G FD-62DRY FD-65

3020060 ,Looper driving connection rod com.set, machine type:YAMATO FD-62G FD-62DRY FD-65

3020067,connection rod com.set ,machine type:YAMATO FD-62G FD-62DRY

3020040,LOOPER LEVER DRIVING ROD C,SET ,machine type:YAMATO FD-62G FD-62DRY FD-65, and PEGASUS E256
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