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    We have large and various types of Feed bar, including CZ Feed bar, VF Feed bar, AZ Feed bar,FD Feed bar,VT Feed bar, VG Feed bar,VC Feed bar,VE Feed bar, Feed bar material is SCM415, after carburizing and quenching, hardness HV>650, with high wear resistance and toughness inside, the flatness of each tooth frame should be controlled within 0.01mm, and the surface roughness should be controlled within RA0.2.Our bracket sliders copper sliders are a special copper alloy with an oil storage capacity that ensures better lubrication for our feed bar components at high speeds.The feed bar and the slider are also matched one-to-one to ensure optimal clearance and maximum contact area. Our feed bar is exactly the same as the original one of Yamato.In addition, we can also provide Shing Ray 787 and 720 feed bar, both of which are original quality.

    Original accessoreis Co.,Ltd can provide customers with more than 90% of the original accessories of the Yamato brand, as well as all conventional accessories.Having such a wealth of channels is mainly because the boss Chen Jiali has worked at Yamato as a purchasing manager for 12 years, and he has a good understanding of the entire sewing parts production system in China, and can provide customers with original parts of various sewing machine brands produced in China.If you need Yamato accessories, just look for Ningbo Original Accessories Co.,Ltd.For other brand accessoreis except Yamato accessories, customers who require large quantities and original accessories can also consult our company.

    We have import and export rights and can provide customers with one-stop service.At the same time, in order to ensure our "original quality", we are equipped with complete inspection equipment and experienced inspectors. Quality is our life, and we have always adhered to it.NingBo Original Accessories Co.,Ltd ideal is to build a world-class brand of original accessories. We hope to get to know more high-end customers and partners around the world to create an original sewing accessories industry chain.

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