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YAMATO Original FD sewing machine Feed bar,due to the appearance characteristics of the YAMATO FD machine, the Feed bar of YAMATO original FD sewing machine is longer than other sewing machine, which makes it has a very high degree of difficulty to produce.

The main difficulties are as following four point:

First of all, The flatness of each Feed bar should be controlled within 0.003. For such a long and thin feed bar, the quenching deformation is large.

The second point , the smoothness of the Feed bar’s middle slider.Because the contact surface of the slider phase accessories are not fixed and one-time processing, the flatness of the bottom of the slider groove and the flatness of the cover plate are required to be higher, and the parallelism of the slider groove should also be ensured.

The third point, The precision of the slide bar groove of the front Feed bar is the same as that of the slide bar hole of the back Feed bar ,so as to ensure the smooth movement of the two Feed bar.To this end, we use a special processing fixture, as well as many years of production experience.

The Fourth point, we use the forging blank, can very good guarantee the performance of the Feed bar, but greatly increased the processing difficulty and production cost.The Feed bar is one of the most core parts of the whole machine, so that we can ensure the stability of the Feed dog when sewing machine working, as well as whether the machine leaks oil and the noise of the machine.It is an important index of the good performance or bad performance of the whole sewing machine.After years of research and development and mass production verification, the precision of our Feed bar can fully meet the needs of world-class sewing machines.

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