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The Yamato FD presser foot can be said to be the most difficult presser foot in the sewing machine industry.Customers have extremely high requirements for its applicability, durability and noise.First of all, the applicability, in order to meet the requirements of sewing different thicknesses of fabric, the presser foot can be roughly divided into three specifications for sewing thin materials, medium-thick materials and thick materials; according to the form of cloth cutting, it can be divided into single-cut presser feet. And the double-cut presser foot; according to the width of the cutter, it can be divided into wide knife presser foot and narrow knife presser foot; considering the difference of the presser foot spring plate, dozens of different presser feet can be arranged and combined.

The other point is the durability of the presser foot, which is mainly reflected in the following three points.

First, the joint pin and the hole match.The roundness and fit clearance of pins and holes are required to be high.Otherwise, abnormal noises and Line will be crooked will appear after the presser foot is used for two or three months.

The second is the material of the presser foot.Such a thin presser foot spring plate can not be quenched, and can only rely on the hardness of the material itself to ensure wear resistance and elasticity.Currently we are purchasing parts from Japan and Taiwan.

The third is the material of the cutter.Similar to the requirements of the presser foot spring plate, the durability of the cutter also mainly depends on the properties of the material itself and the surface treatment.Currently we use blades made in Japan and Taiwan.To ensure that the durability of my presser foot reaches the ideal state.The last is the noise of the presser foot.The noise during the use of the presser foot depends on the assembly accuracy of the Press foot. Our assembly workers have nearly 20 years of assembly experience in YAMATO company . The assembly process uses a lot of fixtures. In addition, we have improved the presser foot accessories and improved the problems of our customers. At present, the quality of our presser foot is better than that of Japan and Taiwan, and is deeply loved by high-end sewing machine manufacturers in China.

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