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The design of the Yamato company’s FD sewing machine oil pump is very clever and  special. The oil pump only uses 4 identical pinions and a pair of driving and driven gears to form two independent oil supply systems. The structure is very simple, but the oil pump body and gears The accuracy requirements are very high.Among the oil pump body and gears , the four pinion gears all have high-precision requirements, the inner hole and the end face have verticality requirements, the thickness tolerance of the gears should be within 0.01mm, and the consistency and coincidence of the tooth profile are also very demanding. The most difficult is the gear. The surface burr treatment must ensure that all burrs are eliminated, so as to ensure the smooth movement of the oil pump.The accuracy of the pump body is also very high, and the machining center needs to complete all the procedures after one clamping to ensure the vacancy tolerance.Our tubing is a Purple copper pipe that is bent and then electroplated. With a beautiful appearance, it can be bent arbitrarily to meet the needs of assembly and adjustment.On the basis of high-precision parts, the assembly process requirements are also very high.Our assembly workers have nearly 20 years of assembly experience. Many fixtures are used in the assembly process to ensure smooth movement and better sealing of the oil pump.After the assembly is completed, we need to perform the initial running-in of the oil pump. The running-in time is 24 hours. Finally, the oil pressure and flow rate on both sides are tested to ensure that they are within the required range. At present, our oil pump can be turned manually by turning the handwheel. Realize obvious oil supply, which is deeply loved by high-end sewing machine factories in China.

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